Rosewood Communities – one of our busiest clients – has recently benefited from a nice round of updates to their site. Lots of little improvements, photography updates, info updates and a tasty bit of javascript to spruce things up a bit.

This site is a lovely example of a custom CMS site built by the brilliant Stephen Davis. A fine piece of code, this Ruby on Rails based site lets us make changes and updates lightning fast with a super-streamlined back-end.

What you can’t see (unfortunately) is the amazing app built into this site. The CMS not only allows changes to the site, it also has an amazing app built in for the sales agents. They can use the site to manage the whole sales process. Every new home for sale has its own area on the site; job info is automatically emailed to builders and contractors; super-admins see every change made on each project; all project info is now available to every agent, builder and contractor via phone, computer, iPad, etc.

Yes, it’s pretty cool. But it’s just for Rosewood peeps. You’re going to have to take our word for it. :)

You can see the rest of the site, though. Hope you enjoy.