We’re Brewing

This week’s super cool privilege: coffee roasted in Bangladesh. And it’s fresh thanks to the roaster personally handing it to me. What a cool story and the spro is brewing up very nicely indeed. Dialed in at a tight 17g double.
Metto & Zoka

Metto & Zoka

I had the priviledge of stopping by the excellent Metto Coffee & Tea this past weekend and was treated to the usual amazingness I’ve come to expect from them. Tripp served me up two spot-on espressos, crafted with care, each with its own unique character. I...

We’re brewing…

Currently loving this Seasonal Selection from Counter Culture. Definitely getting those full-bodied notes, especially the syrupy molasses. It was purchased at Coffee & Crema, indisputably the best coffee shop in Greenville. An easy 4 out of 5.