How about this lack of updates lately?

It’s been for good reason. This year is off to an amazing start. New clients, long-standing clients doing great things, great times, and one really not so great at all time.

So here’s the run down.

We’re absolutely killing it with Rosewood. They’re selling homes as fast as they can build them, traffic is way up, and we’re busy as can be keeping up with all this.

Solid Construction is also busy as can be this year, scoring great new jobs with lots of web traffic.

Djubi just finished up Toy Fair 2012 and made lots of great progress.

Appalachian Organics is just kicking it with so many great new ideas it’ll make your head spin.

Now for the bad news. Harry & Jeans, a client we loved for so many reasons has closed its doors. It’s hard to not be really bummed about this, because our work for them was a total grand slam. They were SO pleased with the work and the results, but certain circumstances unrelated to anything we were involved with caused an abrupt closing. We were pretty blown away, as were the 1000 new fans we’d acquired in the three months we worked on this account. :(

And on to new clients. We’re pleased to be working with

  1. RBIESS (that’s a mouthful, huh?), a used industrial equipment dealer (redoing this site)
  2. Flippinout Slingshots the maker of the most amazing slingshots you’ve EVER seen (redoing this site)
  3. Forrestworks, the Music of Dan Forrest (redoing this site – launch will be within 2 weeks)
  4. Together for Adoption (worked on strategy and site improvements)
  5. MIRA Transport
  6. ECO Treecare (logo, strategy)
  7. Southern Om hot yoga (site)
  8. Beckenhorst Press (site in progress)

Yes, it’s been quite a year already. Thanks for checking in. :)