This is a topic that has been of great interest to me over the years, running my previous business, as well as J4 Studios. No one likes to lose work. It’s a down economy. Few businesses have work to lose.

But over the years I’ve come to see the importance of losing business. At least in this business. It can be a time of real, deep refocusing. New goals set, and oft-times, realized, much sooner than expected…

… all because of the loss.

This week I saw a long-standing piece of business go in-house. And I don’t think I could have chosen anything better for both me and the client. This, honestly, is something that their in-house department is fully capable of doing, and would be best done in house. And for J4S, it was a difficult task, due to the rapid demands for a quick turnaround.

So for those out there freelancing, or running a small business like us, take heart when you’ve hit the brick wall. Don’t be afraid to lose a client or piece of business. Let it be motivation for you to replace it with something better. It is out there. Go find it.


Oh, and, yes, I’m looking forward to telling you about my new clients, here, real soon. :)