When I started in the advertizing/marketing/design business 11 years ago, we printed every revision of a  job on the laser printer, burned the Quark files to a disk, get an actual signature from a creative director, put it all into a FedEx envelope and overnighted it to the client.

No, I’m not kidding.

This morning, I exported a freshly-finished job to PDF, got a final approval via email, Googled printers near Toronto Marriot, emailed one, set up the job, sent them the PDF, and gave them my clients digits so they can call him when it’s done (his meeting is at 2pm today). All before 9am.

And people give me funny looks when I tell them how much I love to garden. The return to the earth. Slow growth. To a process you can’t make happen overnight no matter how much you want it. It’s a relief to me. It’s fuel for my creativity. When it’s all run-and-gun, get-it-done, don’t expect creativity to flourish.

Speaking of which, I’m going out to stare at my seedlings, wish they were growing faster, and laugh at myself. :)